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Online assessment tool

assessON is an online assessment tool designed  to support assessments FOR, AS and OF learning in the context of the Australian curriculum.

All assessment materials and reports are presented within a system that is very easy to use.

Each assessON has a wealth of additional assessment materials prepared and reviewed by experienced  teachers. There is no need to write or search for questions that are relevant or pitched at the right level! When using assessON, students are connected with their teachers so that all can benefit from online assessments and feedback that match the student text.

assessON student edition

  • online completion and submission of assessment tasks and homework activities created and assigned by your teacher
  • easily create your own assessment tasks for extra revision or test and exam practice
  • check your readiness to start a new topic , review your progress during the topic and check your achievement when you finish the topic
  • answer a variety of question types, all of which are relevant to your course
  • automatically marking of all assessment tasks and homework activities
  • receive instant feedback that includes a worked solution for every question
  • view easy-to-follow reports to monitor your progress as you undertake the course

assessON teacher edition

  • once connected to your students, you can set up classes and other groups, schedule assessment, homework or revision activities and monitor and report on individual students’ progress. 
  • create and assign formal and informal online assessments FOR, AS and OF learning
  • schedule assessment, revision and homework tasks that are automatically marked and recorded
  • track assigned work completed by students against scheduled deadlines
  • view and compare student answers
  • track the progress and performance of students at the individual, group or whole class level against national curriculum requirements
  • identify individual student strengths and weaknesses
  • access online NAPLAN practice tests for numeracy that are automatically marked (Maths Quest 7-9 titles only)

assessON Teacher Edition includes assessON Student Edition

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